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NOW LEASING FOR FALL 2020! CALL US TODAY! (260) 444-3000 | Blooming into a new lease term!
Sadly the time has come that some of our residents have decided to spread their wings start a new chapter in life. For others, we are excited that you have decided for us to be your home away from home! With the summer coming to an end, and the school year approaching closely we here are some useful things for you to do before you say your final goodbyes to St.Joe Place.  
1.) Make sure that you take all personal belongings with you upon leaving your apartment.  
2.) To avoid extra charges, make sure everything in common area is cleaned so that we do not have to pick up after you and your roommates.  
3.) Turn in all parking stickers and pool passes!  
4.) Talk to your roommates and make sure that you all keep in touch upon leaving!  
5.) When checking out, make sure to give us a forwarding address!  
6.) Communicate with us in the front office, so that we can help you any way that we can and answer any questions.